December 9, 2022

5 amazing Tips For Online Cricket Betting

5 amazing Tips For Online Cricket Betting

Online cricket betting works by having the bookmaker evaluate the chances of the team most likely to win and by placing odds on the very same team. Now, for example, if you place one thousand as your bet on the bookmaker’s predicted team with 1.20 odds of winning, you will have a payout of two hundred (odds * staked money – staked money = payout). This makes the system profitable for both the players and the bookmakers. And in this article, we will try to give you the best tips for you to succeed in the online cricket betting arena and help you make the best bet. Let’s jump right onto it with cricket betting tips online:


  • Analyze player’s past performances 


Having existing knowledge regarding the player’s current form and his international career can make the difference between you winning loads of money or losing it. Find out if the batters are experienced enough to tackle the opposing side’s bowling attack and also if the players are motivated or hungry enough to make big scores and prove their worth. And do not forget to take into consideration their current ICC rankings, as it might help to determine their present confidence level. Take note of the worthy matchups in the game, and understand which player has the edge over the other. Also, know about each batter’s weak area and their dominance in the other.


  1. Research about team rankings and ratings


Learn about the team’s ranking in the ICC team rankings and also their present rating. This will give you a slight knowledge regarding who the favorites and the underdogs are. Find out if the team’s captain is experienced enough to make the right bowling changes and if their team is capable enough to adapt to the challenging and ever-changing conditions of the game. Also, analyze the team’s result in the past few outings and determine the team’s morale and confidence going into the game. Gauge each team’s weaknesses and the areas they are lacking in, as well as their strengths and abilities. And try to make an educated bet accordingly.


  1. Outside factors


Uncontrollable factors, such as the pitch conditions, weather conditions, and the toss, affect the match extensively. The team best able to adapt to these conditions will surely win the match. The home ground pitches will highly favor the hosting team, and the added cheer from their supporters will boost their morale. Do not go by the grounds’ past preparations and instead try to watch the match live, taking note of the expert’s opinion regarding both the weather and pitch conditions. Be wise enough to know what type of pitches support what kind of players. For example, most of the pitches prepared in Asia offer help to the spinners with extra spin and less bounce. Pitches in England have patches of green grass that favor the seamers with swing and extra pace, and in Australia, the pitches are hard and dry, making the ball bounce that extra little bit for its quicks. 


  1. Choose the game format and site.


Selecting the right game format and an authorized website to place your bets on is crucial. First, you need to search about the top online cricket betting sites and sign up for the one offering the most amount of bonus cash and promotions to you. Then, opt for the cricket format you are most comfortable in betting, be it franchise t20 leagues such as the IPL and BBL or the international formats such as tests, ODIs, or T20Is. Lastly, choose the type of bet you are confident in. Whether you are good at predicting the winning team of the match, the best performing batsman/bowler, or the highest innings run scored, be wise and don’t let your emotions take these crucial decisions.


  1. Finding the best odds


Although the bookmakers seek loyalty from you with their numerous promotions and schemes, do not let that stop you from finding the best odds for your bet and help you earn that extra bit of cash. Always be sure to make full use of the odds checker websites and find the best odds in the market. Furthermore, you should spread your bets and vary them over different markets to reduce the amount of risk involved in the game. 


Placing winning bets and deriving an income from online cricket betting requires time and patience. You have to consistently place your bets and learn to be wiser in placing your next one. Although the dopamine rush you feel after getting your predictions right and winning a bet is euphoric, do positively take your losses and try not to be depressed about them. For now, that’s it from us. We are hopeful that this article will take your betting skills up a notch and help you win that extra bit of money. Do tell us below what you want us to cover next, and till next time, we wish you a jolly time betting.


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