May 18, 2024

Basketball rules

Basketball rules

Basketball is a sport that began in a completely different manner to other disciplines. Rather than evolving naturally from other sports, it was created as an activity to keep people warm during the winter. For this reason, its rules are actually quite simple, meaning that a lot of people can practice it. Of course, many people can also wager on basketball events by going to the online bookmaker.

There are some basic rules that are observed in most competitions throughout the world, such as:

  • there are five players per team;
  • the squad that scores the largest number of points wins;
  • there is a shot clock that counts 24 or 30 seconds depending on the match;
  • it is mandatory to dribble or bounce the ball while advancing with it.

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Limits for attacking teams

There are several time limits that attacking teams must follow if they don’t want to hand the ball to the opposing squad. Probably the most popular of them is the shot clock, which gives the attacking squad 24 or 30 seconds to attempt a shot. If the team fails to do so, the ball will be given to the other squad. You can also make India bet basketball 1xBet bookmaker within the timeframe given by the shot clock.

When a squad scores points, the ball automatically goes to the opposing squad. It is their job to return the ball back into the game. However, they have only five seconds to do that, otherwise it returns to the team that has just scored. The best scorers of this discipline are featured on the 1xBet India bookmaker, where punters can make all sorts of basketball bets on them.

Finally, it is also important to say that attacking teams must also advance with the ball. For example, after they pass the half-court line, they must stay in the opposite half of the field.

Everything about fouls

In basketball matches there are lots of circumstances that can lead to a foul. In addition to following basketball, you can also check FIFA draw live on 1xBet, which also offers betting opportunities of its own.

In general, every team can make a specific number of fouls during a quarter. If that number is surpassed, the team that suffers the foul will be awarded free throws.

Illegal contact can also lead to free throws. Those are basically situations in which a defending player hits or pushes an attacking player who is attempting to score points.

There is also the concept of flagrant fouls. They occur when unnecessary or even excessive contact takes place. Players may even be ejected from the game if the contact in question might cause an injury. Don’t forget to check the FIFA draw live on 1xBet, which is a great option alongside basketball bets

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