May 29, 2024

Harry Kane – record transfer of “Bayern”

“Bayern Munich” is one of the strongest clubs in Europe. Its matches are always covered on 1xBet. The team has traditionally been successful in domestic and international arenas.

“Bayern” managed for a long time not to spend relatively large sums on players. But in summer 2023, the Munich club broke its own transfer record. The team signed Harry Kane from “Tottenham”. The matches of this club are also covered on 1xBet. The English forward cost 100 million euros to the German club. In addition, “Tottenham” can get another 20 as various bonuses.

The Munich players could not agree with the English club for a long time. “Tottenham” did not want to let go of their leader and the best scorer in history to the last. You can 1xBet downloadso that it became even more convenient to follow the matches of this club.

So, “Tottenham” agreed to sell Kane only for a record sum. The “Spurs” were also forced to part with Harry, because his contract with the club was expiring in the summer of 2024. In that case, he could have left the team for free. It is even easier to follow Kane’s success in “Bayern” if you download the program 1xBet on your gadget. You will always be able to stay in touch with the bookmaker using it.

Why did “Bayern” decide to pay a record amount of money?

Kane is one of the best forwards in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that “Bayern” had to spend a big sum to sign the British player. Kane is number 2 on the list of top scorers in the history of the English Premier League. By the way, 1xBet covers all matches from the world of this championship.

If we talk about Harry, it can be noted that he has practically no weaknesses. However, we can single out some of his main game trump cards:

1. A perfectly placed shot. Kane does not hesitate to hit from any position. His shots often reach the target. The forward’s “shots” are very accurate and whippy.
2. Good play in the backline. Harry not only scored a lot himself, but also regularly creates chances for his partners. Therefore, the Munich club’s attack acquires several options at once with him.
3. Excellent play on the “second floor”. Kane is a tall, textured forward. Therefore, there is nothing surprising that Harry regularly wins head-to-head duels with his opponents.
4. Speed and physical endurance. The forward practically never gets tired, he always gives 100%. In addition, he has never had a long series without results during his time at “Tottenham”.

Kane moved to “Bayern” in the hope of winning trophies. Although the team lost the German Super Cup in the first match with him, there is no doubt that the Munich club will continue to be the favorite in all competitions where it takes part. You can watch its successes and predict the outcome of a particular confrontation on 1xBet. The team’s matches in various tournaments are covered here.

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