June 25, 2024

Here Are the Type of Questions That Your UPSC Exam Contains

The UPSC Mains exam consists of nine subjective categories of examinations. This page discusses the types of questions that were asked in the civil services mains test. Candidates for the IAS Exam should be familiar with these UPSC Mains question types and how to approach them.

The IAS Civil Services Prelims test will be held by UPSC in order to select candidates for India’s Civil Services. Candidates who apply for the UPSC Civil Services Recruitment should be thoroughly ready to take the test at this point.

There will be thousands of candidates present for the written exam, which will be administered offline. The most significant current affairs questions that are likely to be asked in the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam are listed below in this article. 

These highly anticipated questions are based on the IAS exam pattern and syllabus. Most online coaching classes for UPSC exam provide you with relevant insights to make the most of your preparation phase. 

There are two papers in the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam: Paper I: General Studies and Paper II: GS (CSAT). There are questions on current events, general science, history, geography, politics, the economy, and the environment in IAS Prelims Paper 1 General Studies.

Paper 1 has 200 Multiple-Choice Questions in total, and it lasts for two hours. The current affairs portion makes up the majority of General Studies Paper 1 according to the last two years’ UPSC IAS Previous Years’ Paper. Given this pattern, it is quite probable that this year’s IAS Prelims GS Paper will include questions about recent events.

You must always consider the UPSC classes fees and then decide on the best online institute that offers effective guidance. In light of this, we have selected the crucial current events questions below. Examine the questions and answers to gauge your familiarity with recent events. 

Guidelines for the UPSC Mains

Here are a few quick pointers to remember while you respond to questions in the UPSC Mains Exam.

  • Search for the term in the question; most questions contain two or three keywords. Build your response using that keyword as the focal point and the question’s requirements in mind.
  • Give the keyword five points in your essay.
  • Explain the three dimensions of each point. i.e., 
    • from a socioeconomic-political-geographical perspective
    • For, against, and conclusion
    • What/why/how
  • Lastly, they should provide facts to support their claims and include illustrations as needed.

Leveraging dedicated courses for UPSC preparation can put you on the right track and help you align your schedule for self-study. This also enables you to get top-notch resources that are perfect for your exam preparation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About UPSC

  • Can graduating seniors apply for the UPSC CSE?

Yes, candidates who have taken a qualifying exam that, if passed, would have made them academically eligible to take the Commission’s examination but who have not yet received their results, as well as candidates who plan to take such a qualifying exam, will also be eligible for admission to the preliminary examination.

A dedicated UPSC coaching institute can help you gain more clarity on applying for the CSE exam and provide you with the best study material to get through. 

  • What level of schooling is required to sit for the IAS exam?

Any degree, whether recent or traditional, is a graduation. The applicant must be in possession of a degree from one of the institutions of higher learning created by a Central or State Legislative Act of India, 

from another institution of higher learning established by a Parliamentary Act or from a school recognized as an equivalent institution under Section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956.

  • When should I present to UPSC the evidence that I passed my graduation exam?

All applicants who have been given the go-ahead by the Commission to sit for the Civil Services (Main) Examination must submit proof of passing a prerequisite exam with their application for the Main examination, or else they won’t be allowed to take the Main examination.

If you enroll yourself in a UPSC course online, the chances for you to clear the exam can increase drastically. The faculty helps you navigate through the initial challenges and understand your focus areas. 

  • My inability to speak English well makes me hesitant to apply for the Civil Services Exam. Is it possible for me to take the main exam for the civil service in English and the interview in Hindi or another Indian language?

You don’t need to be afraid to apply for the Civil Services Exam because UPSC offers the options listed below in this regard:

English, Hindi, or any other Indian language that you choose for the required Indian Language Paper in the written portion of the Civil Services Main Exam might be used as the interview language if you choose to write the Civil Services Main Exam in English.

You must select either English or Hindi as your interview language if you are exempt from the required Indian language test. If you choose to take the Civil Services Main Exam’s written portion in an Indian language, you can also do the interview and personality test in an Indian language of your choice, English or Hindi. 

For the written exam, make sure that you prepare well. A UPSC preparation institute can help you bridge the gap in your preparation and help you turn towards excellence. They offer effective video lectures that you can attend from anywhere in the world. 

  • Will my application for the Civil Services Prelims Exam count as an attempt if I don’t show up for any of the papers?

No, an attempt will be counted only if you have appeared in at least one paper.

  • I have professional/technical credentials. Am I qualified to take the UPSC CSE?

The government recognizes some professional and technical qualifications as being equal to professional and technical degrees; thus, those candidates would also be qualified for entrance to the exam.

  • I passed the MBBS exam; however, I haven’t finished an internship. Is the UPSC CSE Mains Exam open to me?

Candidates who have passed the required final professional MBBS or other medical examinations but have not finished their internship by the time of submission of their applications for the Civil Services (Main) 

Examiners will be provisionally admitted to the examination if they submit a copy of their certificate from the concerned authority of the University/Institution along with their application.

In these situations, the candidates will be required to present their original degrees or a certificate from the relevant competent authority of the university or institution at the time of their interview, stating that they have fulfilled all requirements (including finishing the internship) for the award of the degree.


You must proactively chalk out a dedicated plan for your UPSC exam study. Taking UPSC coaching classes online can benefit you by leveraging their top-notch resources. While preparing for the UPSC exam, you must understand all the nuances of the exam pattern. 

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