December 9, 2022

Single point for medical information – ABHA card

While visiting a doctor, has it ever happened that you had to spend a significant amount of time looking through your previous files and reports? We know it’s quite a frustrating task, especially if you need help finding the things that you are looking for and must get them done all over again.

Medical tests are expensive, time-consuming, and can get tiring – so does medical record keeping. Fortunately, the government of India has found a way to make this process less cumbersome by launching the ABHA scheme. 

The constant upgradation in the technology and platforms to make the overall healthcare ecosystem in India brought about the existence of the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. The aim was to safeguard people’s medical interests and ensure that treatment with trained professionals was easily and equally accessible for all.

Information About Abha Card

The Ayushman Bharat Digital Health Mission was launched on 27th September 2021. This card was primarily created to help all the people of India post-COVID. Witnessing the state of affairs regarding healthcare in India, the government envisioned creating this 14-digit unique health ID number for any citizen who volunteered to opt for the ABHA card. All citizens of India who decided to get their vaccination done can also upload their COVID vaccine certificate on this platform. 

ABDM can also be used to share and access all the required medical information across the country – in terms of the best professionals to the most competent hospitals. You can find what you need on the ABHA platform. This mission aimed to digitise and make healthcare more accessible to all. The glaring inequality in medical practices became apparent during COVID, and the aim was to reduce any discrepancies for the same.

Efficient and safe access to information is key to ensuring the smooth operation of this ecosystem. Digitisation with the help of ABHA makes that possible. You can create your ABHA card, a unique 14-digit ID randomly created on the online platform. 

What Benefits Does An Abha Card Have

This digital platform comes with several important benefits:

  • Digitising medical information – You can start this process right at the beginning. Add all your medical history by checking and verifying your files and previous tests/scans. Everything can be uploaded on this platform, from blood reports to imaging tests. You can also add your diagnoses, medication information, and any other relevant aspect
  • Voluntary – Creating an ABHA card is voluntary. You can choose to opt for this process if you wish to. Moreover, you can also choose to delete the information fully or partially. 
  • Consent – Do not worry about anyone reading and gaining access to your personal information. This platform works on the premise of consent. Only if you share your unique ID with someone will they be able to read the data. You can also choose to withdraw consent anytime. 
  • Safe and secure – Being online, several security measures are taken to encrypt the app so that it is free from tampering and adulteration. It is vital so that people do not hesitate to add their information to the platform. 
  • Detailed access to professionals – You will get access to many healthcare professionals on the registry. This list can help when you are looking for hospitals or doctors in or outside your city – both government and private 

How Can You Unlock All The Benefits Of The Abha Card? (app) 

The easiest way to unlock all the benefits associated with the app is to create the ID for yourself! You can use your Aadhar card or driving license for successful registration for the ABHA and vaccine certificate download benefits.

  1. Aadhar Card – If your mobile number is linked to Aadhar, you can visit the website and enter the details. You will get an OTP for registration.
  2. Driving License – You must get an enrolment number from the ABDM portal. Take that number and your license to the nearest facility and verify your identity to avail of the ABHA card. 

Access your ABHA card through the official website of the Government of India or through mobile applications. Treat this platform as your go-to option for all-things-medical. The application is easy and can be done online, irrespective of where you are in the country. Register yourself and your family members to get immense benefits regarding healthcare.

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