May 29, 2024

Study Mass Communication and Media in Australia

Study Mass Communication and Media in Australia

As a key industry in the world, mass communication and the media ensure the delivery of meaning and messages across diverse cultures and communities. In today’s media-driven world, Communication and Media Studies are among the most exciting and dynamic fields of study. If you’re planning to opt for any Australia study abroad programs, mass communication and media should be among your top choices, particularly if you have the interest. 


Australia Study Abroad Programs: Mass Communication And Media 


In mass communication, information is delivered to large audiences via social media, television, radio, and billboards. A communication major equips students with critical thinking skills and the ability to convey messages across a variety of platforms. When it comes to Australia study abroad programs, several branches of mass communication and media can be found within the field, including:


  • Advertising
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Film and Television
  • Digital Media


International students can attend media films in Australia as part of their graduate and post-graduate programs. Media film colleges offer various Australia study abroad programs including short diploma courses, graduation certificates in subjects such as fashion designing (film), documentary handling, etc., for international students.


Why Study Mass Communication And Media In Australia?

  • Strong Media Industry

Australia is one of the world’s leading media industries and has been steadily growing for many years. There are many international media companies in Australia, including The Guardian Australia, News Corp Australia, and the Spectator.

  • Quality Education System

There is no doubt that Australian universities are one of the most respected education systems in the world. Many of the educational institutions in the country are ranked among the top in the world.

  • Gender-Inclusive Market

In the 2019 Media Federation of Australia (MFA) census, females in Australian media agencies were found to be paid more than their male counterparts. As a result, the distribution of job roles between men and women is steadily balancing, with more women occupying key positions in the workplace. (Media agencies in Australia are now paying women more than men).

  • Work While You Study

If you are an international student studying in Australia, you are permitted to work up to twenty hours per week with your student visa. In addition to earning extra income to support any extra expenses, you can also gain experience in your field for your resume and include it as a work experience entry.


Popular Universities Offering Mass Communication and Media in Australia


These are some of the best universities in Australia where you can study Mass Communication and Media:


  • Curtin University
  • The University of Queensland
  • TAFE International Western Australia
  • Bond University


Entry Requirements And Qualifications For Mass Communication and Media in Australia


The majority of educational institutions accept applicants with a variety of academic backgrounds; however, you will need to demonstrate your academic accomplishments and qualifications to opt for  Australia study abroad programs.

  • Pre-University Qualification

For international applications, a minimum CGPA of 2.0 or 2Es or 3Ds in STPM results is required.

  • Language Qualification

Applicants who do not speak English as a first language must provide the most recent evidence of their proficiency in English. English Language tests are required by most institutions as follows:


  • IELTS – 6.5
  • TOEFL – 79


Careers in Mass Communication and Media


In the field of mass communication and the media, graduates have a wide variety of career options. Here are some of the most common ones:


  • News Anchor
  • Journalist
  • Translator
  • Film Director
  • Sound Engineer

Hence, students from all over the world are welcome at Australian universities. As technology is at its peak and advanced research is being carried out, students can easily gain training in digital media arts and develop a successful career. To know more about Australia study abroad programs like mass communication and media courses, get in touch with trusted consultants and professionals.

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