June 25, 2024

Top 10 Travel Hotspots Where Indians Can Get Visa on Arrival

If you like exploring new places but resist visiting foreign countries because of the involved visa processes, you aren’t alone. Many Indians will love to visit new places if you remove the complex and time-consuming visa application process. In many cases, there remains a high chance of uncertainty. For example, if you have prepared for an international travel and the visa application gets rejected at the last moment, all your planning goes wasted.

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Hence, to remove the uncertainty from the travel process, we recommend travelling to beautiful destinations that grant visa on arrival for Indians. You’ll be surprised to know that there are plenty of countries that let Indians travel without any pre-approved travel visa. We have listed below the top ten travel hotspots that grant visas on arrival to Indian tourists so that you can consider them as your next travel destination.

1. Thailand

Home to plenty of gorgeous beaches, this tropical country is one of the best international destinations you can explore. From magnificent temples to great archaeological sites and exotic local cuisine to tranquil beaches- there is a lot you can explore in Thailand.

This Southeast Asian country has pleasant and dry weather throughout the year, but the time between November and April is cool and dry. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Thailand that would be valid for a maximum of 15 days.  

2. Maldives

This exotic coastal destination is famous among Indian travellers for numerous reasons, but the beaches and luxurious overwater bungalows primarily attract tourists. Maldives is viewed as a romantic getaway, so couples should definitely visit Maldives at least once in their lifetime.

Pristine beaches, fascinating landmarks, water sports and activities, vibrant culture, good food, and beautiful overwater accommodation options are the primary things that attract millions of global tourists to this destination every year. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Maldives that would be valid for a maximum number of 30 days.  

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3. Bhutan

Bhutan won’t disappoint you if you love exploring places boasting stunning natural beauty. Known for its enchanting mountains, valleys, and green landscape, Bhutan has a lot to offer.

Although Bhutan is famous for its cultural, spiritual, and traditional aspects, the country isn’t behind in terms of adventure, food, fun activities, etc. It is also the only carbon-negative country. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Bhutan that would be valid for a maximum of 7 days.    

4. Nepal

Heaven for trekkers and mountaineers, Nepal is a stunning country you wouldn’t want to miss. The main highlight of Nepal is its snow-capped mountains, deep lakes, green forests, adventure activities, good food, and numerous tourist attractions.

If adventure tourism and natural landscape interest you, Nepal is the best country to visit. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Nepal that would be valid for a maximum of 15 days.  

5. Hong Kong

Famous for its giant skyscrapers and exciting nightlife, Hong Kong is a country you would love exploring. This country beautifully integrates the eastern and western cultures and isn’t too expensive.

The shopping and food scenes are incredible, and you will always have plenty of attractions and activities to explore. If you plan to visit Hong Kong, include Disneyland, Tian Tan Buddha, Victoria Peak, and Ocean Park in your itinerary. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Hong Kong that would be valid for a maximum of 14 days.  

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6. Malaysia

Rooted in history and culture, Malaysia is an incredible country that deserves your attention. Malaysia has plenty of attractions for international tourists, including natural landscapes, lip-smacking cuisine, buzzing nightlife, pristine beaches, and colonial architecture worth exploring. If you want to explore Malaysia worry-free, invest in international travel insurance for security.

This insurance will save you from potential financial losses from baggage theft, a lost passport, a medical emergency in a foreign land, a missed flight, and more events covered in the insurance plan. It will allow you to explore Malaysia without having to worry about unnecessary things. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Malaysia that would be valid for a maximum of 15 days.

7. Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the few countries wherein nearly half the landmass is dedicated to national parks and reserves. So if you like sheltered coves, pristine beaches, sapphire water, water sports/activities, and plenty of natural beauty, you will love Seychelles.

This country should be on your travel bucket if you want to rejuvenate yourself and spend some quality time with your loved ones. The food, accommodation options, and sightseeing places are also worth the visit. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Seychelles that would be valid for a maximum of 15 days.

8. Indonesia

If you like relaxing by the sea or enjoying water sports like parasailing, surfing, etc., Indonesia won’t disappoint you. This beautiful country boasts rich biodiversity, cultural heritage, a myriad of gorgeous islands, and plenty of places for surfing.

The local cuisine, tourist attractions, infrastructure, hospitality, and shopping scene make it worth visiting Indonesia. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Indonesia that would be valid for a maximum number of 30 days.

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9. Mauritius

Mauritius has a vast coastline extending 160 kilometres, dotted with picture-perfect beaches. The country is also known for its lush vegetation and dramatic volcanic peaks. What makes Mauritius an ideal holiday destination is its beautiful beaches, water sports scene, exotic food, fascinating towns, and hospitable people.

If you have always wanted to visit a world-class beach destination, you must visit Mauritius. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Indonesia that would be valid for a maximum of 60 days.

10. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the few travel destinations that offers a cocktail of experiences. There is a lot to explore from sun-kissed beaches to a marathon of wildlife watching and adventure sports to pilgrimage sites. The best thing about Sri Lanka is that it has places and activities for people with varying interests and likings.

Even if you are picky about the food, shopping streets, excursion, etc., Sri Lanka will leave you mighty impressed. You can get a quick visa on arrival in Indonesia that would be valid for a maximum number of 30 days.  

Plan Your Next Travel Destination Without Worrying About Visa

Everyone likes travelling if there are minimum or no hassles involved. If you were delaying your international travel plans because of the complex visa approval processes, you could start your travel journey with countries that grant visas on arrival to Indians. It will remove much friction from your travel preparations, and you can focus on only the preparation and enjoyment. Since most countries listed above are in the Asian continent, you can plan your travel for multiple countries.

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