July 16, 2024

Try the all new exciting ball game at Maxim88 online casino Singapore

Ball games are akin to roulette and bingo as in they are a type of casino games where there is a host or a dealer that picks a ball out of a pit of balls, and any participants who can successfully guess the number on the ball will get to win prizes. While roulette offers more betting options for their players, such as the Lightning Roulette game available to be played at Maxim88 online casino Singapore, it is the extravagant showmanship of the Mega Ball game provided by Evolution Gaming that caught the attention of Maxim88 players recently.

Gameplay features of Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a casino ball game introduced by Evolution Gaming and can be accessed at Maxim88 online casino. Mega Ball’s idea doesn’t require much filler because it’s both straightforward and engaging. The most eye-catching supplementary element is the Multiplier Wheel. However, its functionality is fundamental to the game itself, and its explanation may be found in the How to Play section. There are, however, a number of convenience features that make playing the game a breeze. The Auto Play button, for instance, is located in the lower right corner. With this function, you may customize the bet size, number of rounds, and number of cards used in each bet. After then, you can relax and watch the show as the game takes care of all the hard work.


Additional features and UI design

In addition, the Mega Ball history panel makes it simple to keep tabs on your cash outlays everytime you play for real money. You can reverse your choices before the betting period is over, and you can also re-bet on the same outcomes as in the previous round. In the top right, you’ll find access to an information panel, settings menu, and various display modes. The usual place for Evolution games’ live chat is off to the left.


Winning the Mega Ball jackpot at Maxim88

It is every player’s dream to win the Mega Ball jackpot at Maxim88 online casino Singapore, the jackpot sum can go up to a million ringgit if you are a lucky player. The Mega Ball payouts are straightforward, but the multipliers add a lot of complexity. A 1-line card, for instance, often only pushes but may give a massive 100x reward when multiplied. The truly large winnings, however, require at least three lines on your card if you don’t want to rely on extra mechanisms. The complete spectrum of Mega Ball payouts is detailed below in the associated paytable. Payouts begin at the minimum achievable with no multipliers and go all the way up to the maximum conceivable.


Changes in Payouts 

Prize multipliers in Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball game can go as low as 1 times, but it can also go as high as 1000 times and even up to 10000x. The maximum payout for the game set by the Evolution team is 500 thousand USD. The total rewards add up to a healthy RTP of slightly above the industry average of 95%. While this return to player percentage is modest when compared to the best live dealer casinos, it is excellent for bingo.


Mega Ball Strategy

Mega Ball strategy can only go so far because the live dealer casino game relies only on chance. You may play about with the numbers all you like, but it won’t change the result. The more cards you play, though, the greater your potential rewards. However, you should not rush into placing large bets. There is a maximum payout of up to half a million ringgit regardless of the multiplier, no other casino games on the internet offer a payout with this sum with the sole exception of progressive slots. Every player playing Mega Ball at Maxim88 online casino Singapore place their wagers with this grand prize in mind, which explains why the game can be so exciting especially for online gaming enthusiasts in Singapore.

Get a feel of the game with the demo

The demo version for Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball can be accessed and played via the web version of Maxim88 online gaming platform, you do not need a Maxim88 online casino account to access the demo version of this game. In fact, Maxim88 online casino Singapore offers a ton of gameplay demos for interested users to try out before they register for an account with the site. You can also check out sneak peeks of Mega Ball’s gameplay through videos uploaded on the Evolution Gaming youtube channel. This is the best method to get a feel for Mega Ball and its development environment and player interface until a demo becomes available. Features such as the Wheel of Multipliers and the enthusiastic hosts are highlighted in the video.


Interested in Mega Ball? Sign up with Maxim88 today

Once you have tried out the game, you will immediately understand why Evolution Gaming’s Mega Ball is referred to as a game show rather than a usual casino game. It’s not the mechanics that matter as much as the experience. There is no doubt that Bingo Bash is the most professional and well-designed online bingo game available. Not in real life casinos, especially. Despite the game’s reliance on luck, Live Mega Ball by Evolutions provides players a lot of leeway in customizing Mega Ball Card values and regenerating card numbers. The game UI is well-organized, including tabs for Autoplay, Cards, and Ball History. Mega Ball’s ups and downs might catch you off guard, but every once in a while, it’ll pay out big. In sum, this is a game with a high potential for excitement and a rapid speed of play. It’s a breath of new air in the world of live casinos that will leave you wanting more. Sign up with Maxim88 Singapore today to learn more.

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