July 16, 2024

Why is it important for single parents to buy term insurance?

Being a single parent is difficult, and the prospect of leaving your child unprotected after you is a nightmare that no one wants to experience. That’s why term insurance may be an effective tool for protecting your child from life’s uncertainties. Term life insurance for single parents provides security and safety to single parents and their children. In this article, we’ll look at the reasons and how to choose the premium amount.

Does it really make sense to buy term insurance for single parents? 

Many individuals think that life insurance is only important for married parents. However, the fact is that if your death would have financial consequences for anyone, you should get life insurance. Divorce, death, and unwed mothers are some of the reasons why one ends up raising a child alone. Doing so is difficult, especially financially. With the increasing expense of raising a child in India, single parents must prepare for the uncertainty, including the risk of premature death. In these cases, life insurance is critical for financially protecting both the parent and the kid. With the help of a term insurance calculator, you will be able to calculate the sum assured you should choose depending on your finances. 

3 reasons why single parents should purchase a term insurance policy

1.Helps you cover the cost of your child’s Education: Parents prioritize their children’s education and profession and would never compromise on it. However, the expense of education in India is steadily rising. The fees of good universities might cost anywhere between Rs 20 and Rs 40 lakh, which can add quickly if you have more than one child. Even if you make monthly contributions to college accounts, what happens if you die? Choosing adequate life insurance coverage with the help of a term insurance calculator is an excellent strategy to ensure that your children enjoy a high-quality education without incurring significant student loan debt.

2.Financial responsibilities: Parents must evaluate how much debt and financial commitments they will leave for their children once they die. Loan payments, car loans, and house loans are among the most common expenses. If you have debt, you should choose a higher life insurance coverage that will cover it. This will keep your loved ones away from being financially burdened in your absence. 

3.The Cost of Taking Care of the Child: Single parents have to consider the cost of caring for their children after their demise. This covers essential requirements such as food, clothes, transportation, and medical bills, as well as general expenses if you have a younger child. It is essential to consider these expenses in the context of your overall financial situation to ensure that the individual who will be parenting your kid in your absence has adequate financial assistance. The amount of term life insurance needed is determined by your child’s age.

How much coverage should one get as a single parent?

The second major concern that every parent has is how much term coverage would be adequate for their child. There are a few key criteria that might help you determine the answer to this question. They are:

How much do you earn?

The death benefit payout helps your child to get a source of income in the event that you dies. When opting for term insurance, be sure it covers at least 50% of your yearly salary.

Your Child’s Needs

The coverage you should go for depends significantly on your child’s age and their specific requirement. If you have younger children, you’ll need more coverage as it needs to last longer until they are qualified and eligible to earn on their own. On the other hand, if your children are nearing the adult age, you can probably get an insurance with less coverage. 

After carefully considering these elements, the following step is to determine the exact premium for your term life insurance that you will be required to pay. You can do this using a term insurance calculator. The calculator calculates the exact amount your dependent child will need in the future by taking into consideration all variables before providing results. Furthermore, it is a time-saving and cost-effective tool for determining the amount of term life insurance you will require.

How much coverage can you afford?

Insurance prices rise as coverage increases. The most important thing to consider before raising the coverage amount is your budget. While term life insurance plans are not expensive compared with other types of insurance, your present income should be considered when purchasing one. 

Important Point: Choose the Right Beneficiary 

If you are a single parent, it is critical to select the appropriate beneficiary for your life insurance policy. Your dependents, most likely your children, should be the beneficiaries. However, keep in mind that life insurance companies will not pay out claims to minors, which might lead to legal issues if you do not make arrangements in advance.

  • To avoid this, you can choose a trustee when purchasing the policy, as is often necessary.
  • This trustee will manage the payout of your death benefit and guarantee that your children are cared for in the event that you die.
  • It is critical to arrange ahead of time to guarantee that your loved ones are safe and well-cared for following your death.



As a single parent, ensuring your child’s future is one of the essential task. Term insurance might help your child have financial security long after you are gone. With term insurance, your kid may have peace of mind and the assurance that they will always be taken care of. Term insurance is more than a financial instrument; it represents your love and commitment to your kid. Take the first step towards ensuring your child’s future today by purchasing term insurance. Your child deserves it, as do you.

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