June 18, 2024

Best Career options & Courses After 10th

Are you finally done with your 10th Board or are you about to finish your 10th Board? Some may say you have exciting times ahead while others may argue that you have many important decisions to make. They’re both right! While choosing the best career option after the 10th may seem exciting it is also very important & can define what your life will look like ahead. So read on ahead to know more about which career is right for you after your 10th.

Best Career Options After 10th

Take a deep breath & don’t panic, here are some great career courses for you after the 10th:


Are you someone interested in the natural world? Are you someone curious about what makes the world go round & more? Then science is the right stream for you. For people well versed in physics, biology & chemistry, the choice gets a bit easier. People familiar with those subjects already have a clear idea if science is the stream that they want to pursue or not.

Science offers many career options & the opportunities are endless. Career options like engineering, medical, research & many more can be chosen. Then there are further specializations that one can do. Parents also always favour the science stream as jobs are considered more respectable. Though many consider the stream a bit difficult & if you are more inclined towards arts then the sciences are not something you are going to be attracted towards. Choosing what to take after boards can be a very important decision, we also advise career guidance after 10th to make the process effortless.

Some favourable course options after science can be – BTech, Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery ( MBBS), Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology & BSc Home Science /Forensic Science.


Trying to decide which course is best after the 10th, have you considered choosing Commerce? Commerce is the second most favourable option to choose after the sciences. If you are someone who likes business, industries, watching the market, economics, free market ideology & more, this is the stream you should try & opt out of. Usually, people mention that commerce as a stream is much easier than sciences but many scholars agree that the two are equally tough & challenging.

Commerce also offers many career options & the opportunities are endless. Career options like – Chartered Accountant, MBA, Banking, Accountancy, Finances, and Economics are a few of the examples that you can choose. Like the sciences, some specializations can be chosen, and many people in the stream opt out to become a CA, though the exams are seen as one of the most competitive ones in the stream. If the sciences are not an option that you would like to pursue, then you should give commerce a look.

Some favourable course options after commerce can be – Chartered Accountant, Business Management, Advertising and Sales Management, Digital Marketing & Human resource development.


After considering science & commerce, if you’re still stuck then maybe you will find your career stream in Arts. For a creative person who likes reading, writing, painting, philosophy, poetry & understanding humans & more, art is the stream for you. Arts is usually not a preferred stream as people usually misjudge it as a less challenging & low-opportunity sector but many scholars have pointed out that this isn’t the case. There are many strides to be made in the stream of arts & it is a very challenging field as well.

There are many career options after arts but do remember that even natural sciences & humanities come in the field of arts. Any form of science involved with the analysis of people, society, their interaction & more can be considered a part of arts as well. Career options after arts are – History, Political Science, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy & more.

Some favourable course options after arts can be – Product Designing, Media / Journalism, Fashion Technology, Video Creation and editing, HR training, school teaching, etc.


Apart from the main three streams, you can also think about getting a diploma after the 10th. Diplomas are short-term courses provided by educational institutions. Most diplomas usually require you to have completed your prior education with math & science already. These courses are usually three years long & usually after doing such courses you can get admission directly in the second year for the course you have chosen.

There are many options after a diploma like – A diploma in Architectural Assistantship, Diploma in Automobile Engineering, Diploma in Civil Engineering, Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering, Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Diploma in Fashion Design, Diploma in Food Technology, Diploma in Textile Design, Diploma in Textile Processing & more.

ITI Courses 

There are now Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) set up by the government that offer several courses in the field of engineering & more. Most of these courses are very technical & help impart real-world skills & knowledge to their students.

Some career options after a course from ITI are – Electrician, Surveyor, IT Technician, Tool and Diemaker, Draughtsman, Diesel Mechanic, Pump Operator & more.

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