June 25, 2024

Important concepts in the world of betting


The word value in bets. How to earn income in the distance?

Bets are investments. Some choose to earn on deposit in the bank, some on securities, and some on bets. And they can have a stable income from betting. It is necessary to treat this kind of earnings as carefully and gently, as well as investment. In order to beat a bookie in the long distance you need to find events underrated by the bookmaker. Long distances are about making a systematic profit, not doubling the bank once to spend it.

The essence and the task of betting – understanding the probability of events. You can look at the forecasts and focus on them. But! You have to understand that the person you listen to will not be 100% right. Furthermore, you need to connect your own thinking. It is necessary to find such matches in which your estimation of probability will exceed the rating of the bookmaker. This is just the same VALUE. The bookie’s score will always be in the odds.

Why is 60% of the winning bets good?

There are bookmaker companies that most often try to lie to you. How does it happen? They promise monthly or even daily bank doubling. It may well be that you will win 5-7 times with those predictions that the bookmaker has made. It’s not always so good. Will this strategy be able to act continuously and bring a win-win and large income? Betting is an unpredictable thing. You cannot be sure completely. Events change regardless of your desire.

So, 60% of the yield of the rate with a factor of 1.9 will give you 14% of the net profit. On the one hand, it may seem that it is small, not enough. And if you calculate a year? It’s 482%. You need to take into account that 60% and the ratio of 1.9 is also how you need to get out. It is not as easy as it seems.

Is there an agreed match?

Of course there is. No one will tell you about them and will not sell them. This information costs unreal money. Maybe even a few of your annual earnings. Such news is most often available only to a narrow circle of people. People who are willing to sell you a match-fixing match for a small amount – definitely lie.

What coefficient is better to bet on? 

Coefficients 1.2-1.3 – absolutely unprofitable. To make any money, you will need to put 4 times at once only on such coefficients. It is also not a fact that all 4 bets will go in, and you will get a profit. The missing coefficient is obtained due to the distortion of the line. Lots of people bet on the same match. As a result, the bookmaker adjusts the line towards the market. 

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Let’s say we take apart the bet on the match between Manchester United and Liverpool. Originally on Total More 2.5 the odds were 1.8. What does Total More 2.5 mean? Bettor expects that in the game both teams will be able to score at least 3 goals for two. Let’s go back to the example. People bet on Total More, and the coefficient begins to shred to 1.55. This bet will not be advantageous. Many still continue to bet, but as we said – it will not bring profit. Wait for the line to be adjusted live or refrain from betting at all. The systematic strategy of betting on the sifted coefficient is bankruptcy.

Why is it bad to bet on the world championships and other major sports events? Why should we bet on more unpopular events?

Everything is easy. In little-known matches you can better learn the structure of the teams. It will be easier to calculate and hit the point. There are no mass forecasts, most of which may be incorrect. It is quite possible to advise a little more. Most often it is in such matches you will find a “value” coefficient.

In popular matches it will be more difficult. The best analysts work on the matches. It is unlikely that you will find a “value” coefficient. In addition to such matches there are an unreal number of people. Many of them may be inexperienced.

Why do 90% of people give their earnings back to the bookmaker?

People don’t know how to handle money in betting. This is the first reason for losing. It is better to have a stable 10% stable and try to withdraw 200% per year than to go to zero at all.

You also need to remember about the truths that you are constantly informed in such articles. Start with your excitement. If you have lost several times and in a panic you want to get your money back, you will lose again.

Are express profitable?

Expresses are often not advantageous, especially at a distance. You can bet on this 2-3 times maximum. Probabilities multiply – it is not advantageous. So, for example. You give 60% on the fact that the matches will go. The probability that the bets will yield a profit at the same time – 36%. It is unlikely to be worth it.

So, in this article we addressed several basic questions. Understand coefficients and Total More – mandatory. Raise your skill set and play smart.

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