July 19, 2024

Places To Visit In Lucknow

Lucknow, the vibrant capital of Uttar Pradesh, is a city steeped in rich history, culture and heritage. Known for its graceful monuments, culinary delights and art forms, Lucknow offers a unique glimpse into India’s artistic past and old-world charm.

From resplendent Nawabi monuments like the Bara Imambara and Chota Imambara to bustling markets, peaceful gardens and intriguing museums, Lucknow provides plenty of experiences for history buffs, foodies and culture enthusiasts. The luxurious stay at Fairfield By Marriott Lucknow offers convenient amenities like restaurants, room service and wifi for a pleasant experience. Here are some of the top places to explore on your visit to Lucknow:

Bara Imambara 

The grandiose Bara Imambara located in the Old Lucknow area is one of the city’s most famous monuments. Also known as Asafi Imambara, this 19th century Nawabi structure was built by Asaf-ud-Daula using a unique architectural style incorporating no iron beams. The central arched hall is considered the world’s largest vaulted chamber.

Admire the decorative calligraphy, ornate chandeliers and mirrored interior that add to the resplendence of this imitation of the Taj Mahal. Don’t miss the step well and the labyrinth Bhul Bhulaiya located within the premises that will amaze you with seemingly endless alleys.

Chota Imambara

Right next to Bara Imambara lies the Chota Imambara, another magnificent piece of Nawabi architecture constructed by Muhammad Ali Shah in 1838. Also known as Hussainabad Imambara, the interiors showcase exquisite chandeliers, gilded decorations, calligraphy and stucco work on its walls and ceiling.

The bright, intricate decoration provides welcome relief from the sombre exterior. Do check out the imposing white tower known as Satkhanda on the grounds. The surrounding gardens add to the beauty of this historical complex that offers an immersive experience into Lucknow’s history.

Rumi Darwaza

The 60-foot tall Rumi Darwaza, built by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula in 1784, is one of Lucknow’s most recognizable landmarks located near Bara Imambara. This huge ornate gateway served as the entrance to the city during the Nawabi rule. The design is said to be inspired by an Istanbul gateway.

Rumi Darwaza offers one of the best views of the Bara Imambara along with vistas of the bustling Old Lucknow streets from the top. The elaborate decorations with lanterns, frills and bells add to the old-world charm. Rumi Darwaza stands proudly as a symbol of the city’s Awadh architectural style with blending of Turkish, Arabic and European influences.

Chowk Bazaar

Chowk, the heart of the old city, is Lucknow’s busiest marketplace with over 1,500 shops selling a myriad of goods. One can spend hours browsing this sprawling market exploring narrow alleys packed with vendors selling kebabs, sugarcane juice, chikankari fabrics, attars, handicrafts, antique jewelry and more.

Stop at the iconic Tundey Kabab shop for melt-in-the-mouth minced meat galawati kebabs. Shop for delicate chikankari kurtas and dupattas showcasing Lucknow’s famed embroidery. The aroma of Lakhnawi spices, blaring horns and everyday hustle transport you back in time. A visit to Lucknow is incomplete without experiencing this legendary 200-year old bazaar.

Ambedkar Memorial Park

Spread over 107 acres, Ambedkar Memorial Park is one of the largest parks in Lucknow commemorating Dr. B.R Ambedkar. The expansive parks contains numerous structures including a tall statue of Ambedkar encircled by swans, ‘Prateek Chhaya’, musical fountains, meditation center, lakeside amphitheatre and lush gardens.

The highlight is the picturesque Ambedkar Stupa built in ancient Buddhist architecture style containing his ashes which was brought from London. Take a walk admiring the manicured lawns, refreshing scenes and capturing nature frames against the monumental backdrop. The park makes an ideal spot for a leisurely picnic.

Hazratganj Market

The upscale Hazratganj area is Lucknow’s main shopping and entertainment district renowned for its restaurants, offices, retail stores and theatres. Must-visit places in Hazratganj include shops selling chikan material and garments as well as antique stores like Mayur that sell Lucknow’s famed handicrafts.

The bustling Ganj exemplifies modern Lucknow with branded showrooms, classy cafes and fine dining restaurants. Relish kebabs at heritage eateries like Tunday or Rahim’s. The area comes alive in the evenings where locals love to hang out at food joints and browse markets. Hazratganj offers the perfect blend of tradition and new age lifestyle.

Husainabad Clock Tower

Located in the Husainabad complex, this ornate 67m tall clock tower built by Nawab Roshan-ud-daula in 1881 is the tallest clock tower in India. The design was inspired by London’s Big Ben clock tower. The clock has been meticulously working for over 130 years with its colossal size grabbing attention.

Nawab Roshan-ud-daula commissioned 7 such clock towers in Lucknow to help people keep track of time for prayers. Do climb up the elaborately decorated steps to the balcony for panoramic views. The clock tower along with the adjacent Picture Gallery together form a must-see sight in Lucknow.

Roomi Gate

Roomi Darwaza, part of the historic Roomi Gate area built in 1785 by Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, showcases excellent artistic carvings and architecture. Translating to ‘Gate of Rome’, legend has it the gate was built to welcome King George V and Queen Mary to India. Intricate floral motifs and verses adorn the structure.

Adjacent Shahi Baoli is a stepwell constructed during the Avadh dynasty with stone stairways, red sandstone columns and arches. Take a heritage walk in this area to see havelis, admire artwork on display and buy chikankari products from tiny workshops. Soak in the old-world aura of an important cultural hub of Lucknow.

National Botanical Research Institute

Spread over 207 acres, the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) is country’s premier botanical institute noted for its extensive gardens and research contributions. Established in 1953, the institute has over 6000 plant species including exotic orchids, medicinal plants, palms and bamboo.

Strolling through the thematic gardens offers a relaxing change from the city bustle. Major attractions are the Japanese garden, rose garden, water lily tanks and tropical conservatory housing rare plants from across the world. Don’t miss the sprawling 16th century Baoli located within the campus that’s still intact.


From architectural marvels like Bara Imambara to bustling bazaars, verdant gardens and lip-smacking cuisine, Lucknow provides fascinating experiences blending heritage and contemporary vibe. The unwavering hospitality, genteel manners and cultural sophistication associated with Lucknow brings alive its enduring Nawabi legacy. On your visit with warm hospitality, Fairfield By Marriott Lucknow ensures a relaxing time for guests in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, featuring amenities like swimming pool, gym and 24-hour front desk assistance. The city will captivate you with its ancient monuments, melodious music, artisanal crafts, mouth-watering biryanis and kebabs along with quintessential grace and charm.  

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