April 14, 2024

Sleep In Style: Find The Perfect Flat & Fitted Bedsheets Online For Your Bed

Bedsheets create a soothing vibe to your bedroom that influences your sleep quality. Do you know covering your mattress with the finest bedsheets spruces the looks of your bedroom? The fabric, texture, design and style of bedsheets set the mood of your personal space. Shop premium quality bedsheets on Wakefit for a reasonable rate. Choosing the right type of bedsheet depends on various factors. Choose between flat sheets and fitted sheets based on your personal choice. Read to know the difference between flat and fitted bedsheets and pick the ideal type of bedsheets that is best for you. Your concerns about choosing the right type of bedsheets almost end here.

Flat Bedsheets Vs Fitted Bedsheets

A flat sheet is usually a rectangular sheet that makes your mattress look flat. It is also called the top sheet, as it is used to cover the top of your body. You can tuck the corners of flat sheets under the mattress or lay it flat. A flat bedsheet may not stay intact with the mattress for long as there is no elastic on its corners to hold the mattress tight.

A fitted sheet, also called the bottom sheet, comes with elastic corners on four sides that clench your mattress. It is a great option to protect your expensive mattress from accidental spills and damage.

Why Use A Flat Sheet?

Adds Warmth: A flat sheet is an extra layer that adds warmth to your bedding. It is an excellent temperature regulator, helping you sleep better throughout the night.
Easy To Store: You can fold your flat sheets easily compared to fitted sheets without elastic in the corners. This makes it easy to store flat sheets in your closet or shelves.
Fits All Types of Mattress: Many prefer flat sheets as you can use them for any mattress size. Most flat sheets are long, so they give maximum coverage to your mattress.

Why Use A Fitted Bedsheet?

Here are some convincing reasons to buy fitted bedsheets online at Wakefit:  

Neat Look: Your bedroom looks smooth and tidy with a fitted bedsheet, as the corners are tuck-tight. Transform the look and feel of your bedroom with elastic fitted sheets.
Increase the Lifetime of Your Mattress: Fitted sheets protect your mattress from damage with continuous use. Fitted sheets help in securing your mattress completely as it is tightly tucked under the mattress. Your mattress is free from dust, stains and external damage when you cover it with premium quality mattresses. You can be stress-free when using an expensive mattress as the fitted sheets cover maximum protection.  
Adds Comfort: A cosy and soft fitted bedsheet adds to the comfort of your mattress. It helps you sleep better. Fitted bedsheets remain intact when covering your mattress and create a smooth surface that maximises the comfort of your bedding.  

Choosing Between Fitted and Flat Bedsheet

It is up to you to choose between a fitted or flat sheet based on your needs. If you’re a person who makes your bed daily, then a fitted bedsheet is not the right choice. The time of the year, climate and comfort are the other factors that help you choose between fitted and flat bedsheets.

Buying a Perfect Bedsheet Online For Your Mattress

Here are the things you must consider when buying bedsheets of any type:

Size: There are standard sizes of fitted and flat sheets available online. A flat sheet is usually bigger than your mattress, so you can cover your mattress easily. Make sure you measure the size of your mattress before you buy a fitted bedsheet online as standard-size fitted sheets can fit only on a specified-size mattress.
Type of Fabric: The choice of fabric matters a lot when buying a bedsheet for your mattress, as it can affect your sleep. This is because a bedsheet not only covers your mattress but also comes in direct contact with your body. There are a multitude of fabric choices when buying a bedsheet. Cotton bedsheets are widely used as the fabric is known for its breathability. Buy fitted sheets online in linen fabric, which is ideal for use in summer and winter. A micro-fiber bedsheet is the right choice to maintain an ideal temperature during the night. Use a cosy and smooth satin sheet for a cool feel during sleep.
Quality: Investing in durable and high-quality bedsheets is a wise decision as the sheet lasts for several years even with repeated use. Check for the thread count when buying bedsheets. This decides the quality of the fabric of your sheets. Never compromise the quality of the sheets when you purchase bedsheets online.
Comfort: Comfort is an integral factor that you must look for when buying any bedding accessory. Take into account the thread count of your fitted or flat bed sheet. A threat count between 300-500 is known for its softness and ultimate comfort.
Check For Return Policy: It may be difficult for you to tell whether a bedsheet is comfortable until you use it. So it is a wise idea to check for the terms and conditions of the return policy, especially when you buy bedsheets online.

Now, you will be clear on choosing a perfect bedsheet that adds comfort and style to your bedroom.

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