May 29, 2024

Get Help From the Best Nephrologists for Kidney Dialysis in Gurgaon and Other Kidney Health Issues

The function of our kidneys is to remove waste fluid from the body so that our body remains clean and detoxed. Dialysis helps when our kidneys become inefficient to do so. It was done in the 1940s, and since then, it has become a very commonly done procedure in medical sciences, serving as a boon to people who have kidney issues. Getting the best kidney dialysis in Gurgaon has become relatively easy due to the many choices in hospitals in the past years, as there are many options available. 

The procedure is simple and can be done even at home if the patient is unable to travel regularly to the hospital or clinic. Read along to know more about kidney issues and how they are taken care of.

The Main Needs of Dialysis

  • Acute Kidney Injury

This is a less serious kind of dialysis and occurs as a sudden episode of kidney damage or failure. It can happen over a couple of hours or maybe days.  It can be easily cured in a medical setting such as a hospital or clinic. There is a gap of a few days in between; if serious the gap can be way less. The procedure is done with utmost precision so that the patient is put at ease.

  • Kidney Failure

Kidney failure, or End Stage Kidney Disease, is a serious situation where only a few percent, close to 10%, is working in the patient’s kidney. The condition is fatal if no exterior help is given to the patient. The dialysis process cannot cure the kidneys, and the only option left is to survive on the same until the patient gets a transplant done. The best Nephrologists for Kidney dialysis in Gurgaon can help very well in this situation. 

What Functions Does Dialysis Perform? 

The dialysis procedure does exactly what your kidneys do in your body; it is just an outside-of-the-body accelerated process.

  • Flush out the unnecessary fluids from the human body so that they do not build up in the body, and keep the system clean and smooth functioning. 
  • It helps maintain a safe and good amount of minerals in the human body, such as calcium, bicarbonate, sodium and more.
  • It helps in keeping the blood pressure at a normal rate in the human body.
  • Keep a normal functioning cycle in the body so that the patient can recover if there is a chance or be alive till a transplant is done. 

FAQ: Are Kidney Issues Common in India?

Yes, it is indeed very common. One of the most common kidney issues in India is Kidney Stones. Kidney stone in Hindi is known as ‘Gurdon ki Pathri’ and is a widespread issue in India. Eating habits that include high amounts of sugar and salt, with no exercise and stress is a leading cause of the same in India. 

Dehydration is another major cause of kidney stones. Waste is flushed out of the body more efficiently and completely if a person drinks more water. There is a lot of care Indians need to do for their bodies, even now when so much health awareness is on the rise. 

Summing Up!

Kidney dialysis in Gurgaon has become a well-known procedure in kidney patients. There are some very experienced doctors and hospitals that can help the patients well. The main thing to keep in mind is that even though procedures such as transplants exist in the modern medical sciences, self care should not be neglected. Regular exercise, drinking loads of water, and having a healthy diet are a must at all costs. 

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