June 25, 2024

Saving Smart: Understanding EMIs and Interest Rates on Personal Loans in India

Equated Monthly Instalments, or EMIs, are crucial in calculating your loan repayment plan when you seek a personal loan. In this guide, you will discover more about EMIs and their components and along with that, we will also walk you through some of the favourable factors for interest rates associated with personal loans in India. 

Understanding the Basic Definition of EMI

EMI is a set payment that a borrower makes to a lender on a particular calendar month at a predetermined date. This includes the principal amount you borrowed from the lender as well as the interest charged by the lender. Personal loan are commonly repaid through EMIs as they help divide the loan amount into smaller and more manageable installments.  

However, to choose the best option for your loan, it is crucial for you also to understand what Step-Up Flexi Loan EMI is. This EMI plan is an ideal alternative because of its remarkable flexibility, featuring lower initial EMI payments that gradually increase as your income rises.

Understanding the Basic Components of EMI

1. Principal Amount: The total amount borrowed from the lender is represented by the principal amount. 

2. Interest Rate: The percentage that the lender charges on the principal amount is known as the interest rate. It establishes the overall cost of borrowing and influences the repayment amount.

3. Loan Tenure: The length of time you can borrow money is referred to as the loan tenure. The total amount of interest paid, and the personal loan term directly impact the EMI amount.

Note: To ensure you understand the monthly commitment before agreeing to a personal loan, it is essential to use the online EMI calculators offered by trusted financial institutions.

Interest Rates in Personal Loan

Interest rates mainly determine the total cost of a personal loan. In India, interest rates on a personal loan can be either fixed or floating. Fixed interest rates remain consistent throughout the loan term, giving borrowers the security of knowing exactly how much they must repay each month. Floating interest rates, on the other hand, are vulnerable to market movements, which might cause variations in the EMI amount.

Achieve the Lowest Interest Rate on a Personal Loan.

Here are some pointers to assist you to get the best interest rate when you are seeking to apply for a personal loan:

1. Enhancing your Credit Score: Applicants with good credit scores receive the best personal loan interest rates from financial organisations. To improve your chances of getting a personal loan with a low-interest rate, aim for a score higher than 750. So, make sure to look at your credit score before applying.

2. Pay Attention to Repayments: Your credit score is a significant component in establishing the interest rate on a personal loan, and it can negatively impact you if you miss your credit card or any other loan payments. Paying off credit card debt and past due instalments on time increases your chances of receiving a reduced interest rate.

3. Make Sure to Compare Interest Rates: Be certain to research the interest rates provided by several banks carefully. With the help of this comparison research, you can obtain a personal loan with a competitively low-interest rate.

4. Stable Income: A borrower’s credibility for a personal loan is increased by consistent income and employment history, which affects the interest rate that is offered.


Things to Consider When Selecting a Personal Loan

1. Top-Notch Customer Service: Check for readily available customer service channels and the lender’s promptness in offering assistance when needed before completing your loan application.

2. Loan Disbursal Time: Many renowned banks and financial organisations release the personal loan amount within a matter of seconds.  

3. Any Pre-Closure Charges: Repayment of the remaining loan debt prior to the end of the loan repayment period may result in a pre-closure fee from some banks.

4. Loan Cancellation Charges or EMI ounce Charges: Be cautious to evaluate any hidden charges assessed by the lender before applying for a personal loan.

5. Eligibility Criteria: You must confirm that both your income and age match the set criteria.

Personal Loan in India

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