June 25, 2024

Why don’t you use the Option of No Cost EMI Air Conditioner?

If you live in northern India, you can only survive with air conditioners, especially in the hot and humid months from April to September. It’s very normal for mercury to shoot above 45 degrees

Celsius with heat waves becoming a daily affair. With such difficult weather, your choice is limited because only an air conditioner can provide much-needed relief. However, one of the major obstacles a normal AC buyer faces is the high cost of the air conditioner, which is a prohibitive factor for many. Fortunately, you can buy a no cost EMI air conditioner through a debit or credit card. It’s not only an affordable option but also a practical solution. 

 No-cost EMI air conditioner is fast becoming a very popular way of buying an air conditioner in India. Hence, owning the best Split AC in India is no longer a luxury but an ideal option for most people.


Buying a No Cost EMI Air Conditioner

 The extreme summer heat in India has made air conditioners a necessity than a luxury. However, the highly-priced air conditioners from top brands often deter many people because it’s impossible to find a good model for less than 25,000 rupees. Still, all is not lost for ordinary buyers because they can always avail of the convenient financing options of no-cost Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). They don’t need to compromise on their necessity because of fund shortages. So, if you intend to purchase the best Split AC in India with a 1.5-ton capacity for your bedroom, you know how to arrange the much-needed finance.

 Purchasing a no-cost EMI air conditioner without using a credit card is a perfect solution. It allows customers to buy their favourite model without bearing the burden of an upfront deposit or high interest. An interest-free loan plan is a payment option that allows the purchaser to pay the cost of the air conditioner over a specified period through regular instalments without any interest. 

 Hence, if a model costs Rs 30,000 and the repayment is distributed over 12 months, the buyer needs to pay only Rs 2,500 every month. It provides flexibility to such buyers who cannot pay the price upfront. The repayment period for this interest-free loan varies from 3 to 24 months, depending on the lending company and buyer’s eligibility.


Ease of Payment

 The the main advantage of opting for a no-cost EMI air conditioner plan is the ease of payment for a buyer. According to this plan, the cost of AC is divided into easy installments that are repaid over an agreed tenure. The division of cost into easy installments ensures that the purchaser doesn’t face any additional financial burden by repaying the air conditioner cost in monthly EMIs. Such a repayment method enables people to plan their expenses cleverly. The purchaser knows how much money is to be kept aside for paying the EMI every month. 

Buying a no-cost EMI air conditioner creates a balance between multiple financial obligations

and recurring expenses of the purchaser without facing any financial pressure. It also allows buyers to select a repayment plan according to their availability of funds. Hence, it’s for buyers to decide whether they prefer to pay off through a few EMIs quickly or spread it out over a longer period.

Important Factors to Consider While Choosing an EMI Plan

However, Before agreeing to an EMI plan for AC, it’s important to consider a few factors. The purchaser should first find out about their cooling requirements and the type of air conditioner best suited to meet one’s needs – the best Split AC in India of 1.5 ton or window 1 ton, inverter or non-inverter. Another important factor to be considered is the energy efficiency and star rating of the AC unit, which will directly impact one’s electricity bills. Finally, people should also compare various plans offered by multiple financial institutions. Select a plan that offers the best terms and conditions, flexible tenure, and minimal documentation.

Usually, leading financial companies provide borrowers with affordable EMI options for purchasing air conditioners. Several customer-friendly schemes are offering flexible repayment tenures. Take advantage of these interest-free EMI options, where you will only pay the cost of the AC, divided over a mutually agreed tenure, without any additional interest.

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