June 25, 2024

Messi is officially a free agent

Messi is officially a free agent

Lionel Messi is truly a living legend in the world of soccer. This bright Argentine has passed an interesting history of moving from club to club, and the story continues. Where will Leo Messi move to and what will happen to Barça we will discuss together with 24 betting login!

Why Messi will not yet return to Barça

To begin with the coronovirus pandemic. It was in those years that the club fell into heavy debts, because all matches were in closed order, and games in general became much less. Due to the lack of funds, the club could not support its top stars, including Messi. Moreover, the athlete was ready to work for 50% of his current salary, and then offered to work for free.

However, all of the above options were against the rules of La Liga and Messi had to leave for PSG. Farewell to the club turned out a little bit crumpled – a farewell press conference at a covid time still can not replace a real good farewell to the star.

Why now Inter and not Barça?

At the moment, Messi is no longer with PSG and has picked a good option in the form of Inter Miami. Why not Barça now? The famous Catalan Club is just getting out of debt. The best solution for both the athlete and the club is to meet in a couple of years.

Messi will get all the benefits of his stay at Inter Miami, will probably take part in the 2026 World Cup, one of the host countries of which will be the USA. There is a good chance that Inter attracted Messi for the same reason they attracted David Beckham – the opportunity to become one of the owners of that franchise. Messi would make this World Cup very attractive to soccer fans.

Lionel is also known to make club selections based on the comfort of his family as well. In Florida, where the club Inter Miami is located, the family has just bought a house, which means that his wife and children will be fine there. After the World Cup, maybe Messi will return to Barcelona, at least for the opportunity to say goodbye properly.

Barcelona in the meantime will quietly get out of all debts and get back on track. Only then Barça will be able to accept Lionel back and the long-awaited meeting will take place. After all, and neither the club, and neither the player himself at one time did not want to break up. In short, in this situation for both Barcelona and Leo Messi, this choice is a win-win.

Why not a contract extension with PSG?

It’s simple: PSG did not give Lionel proper development. When the athlete and the club’s contract was running out Lionel asked what path of development PSG was choosing, but the athlete’s answer was not very satisfactory. While Inter Miami is a very interesting project in the long run both due to the cooperation with Beckham and the upcoming World Cup in 2026.

Inter is a good option for pre-career closure. Messi will be able to play for a couple or three more years, after which, like all athletes, he will go into a related field. Maybe he will develop Inter Miami together with David, maybe he will choose the path associated with Barcelona. However, it is still a long way off, and we are watching the footballer’s choices now.

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